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Old Guard

We took this and made-->

New Guard


Coupling Guard

Large Eccentric SS Cone

3/16" Thk 24" X 24"

SS Return Air Grille

SS Coupling Guard

More Eccentric SS Cones

Concentric SS Cone

Ready for Shipping

Custom Mixing Tank

With Water Jacket

Custom Cover

1/4" Aluminum Guards

1/4" C/S Hopper w/ Flange

Perforated Strainer Cones

SS Storage Tank w/ Fittings

1/4" X 3" X 3" X 120" Angles

10 Ga. X 48" X 120" Rolled Cylinder

Custom Brackets

Custom Oil Filter Can

Aluminum Machine Guard Frame

Aluminum Machine Guard

42" OD 3 Piece 90 Degree Elbow

Custom Metal Lifting Eyes

Custom Formed Carbon Steel Angles
Belt Guard
Belt Guard
Small Diameter Cone
Small Diameter Cone

Reducer Cone Gores

48" OD X 40" OD X 54" VH Reducer Cone
Perforated Strainer
Perforated Strainer
Vibratory Shaker
Vibratory Shaker
5/8" Plate Cone
5/8" Plate Cone
Bag House Cyclone
Blower Housing
Blower Housing

Custom Pipe Clamp

Four Sided Drip Pan

1 1/4" Plate Rolled Ring Welded

Stainless Steel Cylinders

3/16" Alum Donut
Square to Round Transition
Square to Round Transition
Milking Bowl Head
Mixing Bowl Head
Aluminum Nozzle
Aluminum Nozzle

Square to Round Transition w/Flange

Rolled And Welded Rings
Offset Pipe Clamp
Offset Pipe Clamp

Stainless Steel Tubing 24" OD X 120"L

Perf. Rolled Cylinder

Perforated Rolled Cylinder

Drum Tower 8 Ft. Diameter X 32 Ft Height

Ladder for Drum Tower

Catwalk for Drum Tower

Aluminum Box w/ removable SS Lids

26"o.d. to 36" o.d. Offset Transition

109" X 14" Belt Guard

Storage Bins

1/8" Wall X 30" OD X 12" VH

Custom Fire Ring

Custom Stainless Steel Angles


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