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Press Brake Forming

Press Brake FormingEldred Sheet Metal Works, LLC provides press brake forming services. Utilizing our four press brakes, Eldred can form your parts to the desired shape and dimensions needed. Simple or complex shapes can be formed from 16 GA. (.0625”) up to 2 inch thick material from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and various alloys. Eldred has a large selection of press brake dies which allows us to form a variety of shapes. Eldred can form materials up to 12 feet in length*.

Check out our recently added 600 Ton 3/4" X 12' capacity press brake.

The press brake forming process starts by determining the flat layout of the piece to be formed. Material width must meet a minimum dimension in order to be formed on the press brake die. The minimum material width can be determined by taking the thickness of the material and multiplying by 8. For example, ¼ inch material must be more than 2 inches wide in order to be formed on the press brake. The length of material is determined by the length of the die and the machine capabilities. For most projects, 120 inches is the longest length a piece can be formed on Eldred’s press brakes. Some pieces with a leg diameter of less than 7 inches can be formed up to 144 inches in length. Material can be formed into angles of almost any degree or radius. The minimum radius for bending is equal to/greater than the thickness of material. Once the material flat layout is determined and cut, the press brake operator inserts the correct die, marks the material where the bend is to take place, and place the material upon the die. The press brake operator then actuates the press brake and the piece is formed. Multiple brakes are required for larger radii. Once the piece is formed the operator then checks the accuracy of the degree and if needed, repeats the process until the desired bend is achieved.

Some of the items that Eldred has fabricated:

*Material thickness, dimension and finished shape can limit the length of material being formed. Send Eldred your request for quote for review and let us determine if it is within our equipment capabilities.

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